Pinnacle: Moog One Expansion Pack


Pinnacle is a modern expansion pack for the Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer. This preset bundle includes 25  sounds which can complement many different genres & playing styles. Patch types include dark pads, ambient arpeggios, bass / leads, delicate atmospheric sound beds, keys, strings, organs, & fx.  Taking full advantage of the instruments multi-timbral interface, this pack includes splits, layers, mults, and each patch has been given pitch variance  to achieve a big & natural analog sound. All patches have modulation assignments to Aftertouch, Mod Wheel, & XY Pad  for an instantly playable, expressive experience.

**Pinnacle Presets have now been updated & optimized for the latest Moog One Firmware! Overhauls of the Aftertouch curves, FX section, and Modulation Matrix in the software caused some problems to existing patches so we simply fine tuned everything & cleaned up any inconsistencies. Additionally we have converted some of the 3 layer stacked sounds into dual or single layer sounds where it seemed appropriate –  to give everyone  more voices to have at the ready without sacrificing tone or energy (particularly useful for 8 Voice owners). Happy Music Making!



Pinnacle - Moog One Expansion Pack


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