Pinnacle: Moog One Expansion Pack


Pinnacle is a modern expansion pack for the Moog One Polyphonic Synthesizer. This preset bundle includes 25  sounds which can complement many different genres & playing styles. Patch types include dark pads, ambient arpeggios, bass / leads, delicate atmospheric sound beds, keys, strings, organs, & fx.  Taking full advantage of the instruments multi-timbral interface, this pack includes splits, layers, mults, and each patch has been given pitch variance  to achieve a big & natural analog sound. All patches have modulation assignments to Aftertouch, Mod Wheel, & XY Pad  for an instantly playable, expressive experience.

Pinnacle can be utilized on both the 8 & 16 voice version of the Moog One. For 8 Voice owners, if voice stealing becomes an issue on some of our Layered  patches, you may deactivate keyboard control for the L/R Panned Layers by checking the associated synths in the VCA section of a patch. Please reach out to me directly for any additional support, questions or feedback.



Pinnacle - Moog One Expansion Pack


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