Lowgritt's Studio 44 cabinet MU Modular Synthesizer

Mercury Retro Recordings: Custom Production Music

Mercury Retro Recordings offers custom-made production music tailored to your project-specific needs. Whether it is an audio-for-video sync opportunity, or the next single on your upcoming album, our diverse library of songs can give your next project the energy & emotion that it needs to stand out. All music in our catalogue is made with the same love & attention to detail as the projects we release in our own name. We can offer Exclusive & Non-Exclusive licensing options with flexible pricing to accommodate projects of many sizes.

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Modern / Indie Rock

Brace Yourself


Game Day


End Zone Shuffle




Rage Against




Funk / Hip-Hop

Top Gun


Raise It Up


Neon Afterparty


Boom Boom Room

Cinematic / Orchestral

Seasons of El Diablo
The Beckoning
Shining Bright Pt. 2

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