Eros Expansion Pack

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100 Patches for the Sequential Prophet 6

Our latest offering adds 100 original sounds to your Prophet 6 Analog Synthesizer. The Eros Expansion Pack utilizes the latest firmware from Sequential to make use of the powerful new Vintage Knob Feature. Within this collection of sounds you will find a vast landscape of timbres that include compelling Strings & Pads, authentic 70’s & 80’s Electric Keys, saturated Percussion, otherworldly Sound FX, commanding Brass, thumping Bass, & More. All patches in this library take full advantage of the features of the Prophet 6 when appropriate including Velocity, Aftertouch, Poly-Mod, & the excellent on-board FX are fine tuned per patch. You will find the poly-phonic step sequencer is populated with inspiring patterns on every preset in the library for immediate inspiration or as a springboard for your own imagination. The Eros Expansion Pack is designed for users explore rich & beautiful sonic terrain & to discover a deeper connection with the Prophet 6.

1. Firmware Main OS 1.6.3 or higher is required to use this library as intended. For more information, consult the read-me document included in the Eros Expansion Pack Files



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