Holos Expansion Pack Vol. 2

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40 Additional Patches for the Prophet 5/10 Rev 4

We are happy to present our latest patches for the Prophet 5/10 Rev 4. The Holos Expansion Pack Vol. 2 features 40 additional sounds for the Prophet 5/10 Rev 4 Analog Synthesizer. These new sounds build on the themes of the original HOLOS EXPANSION PACK & goes further to include Round Bass, Deep Strings, Saturated Atmospherics, chaotic Sound FX, Wooly Electric Piano & More. We have finessed these individual sounds utilizing the modern enhancements of the Rev 4, so that between the Vintage Knob, Aftertouch, & Velocity additions, each patch works with the strength of a unique revision or something in between. All Sounds can serve an immediate use in your productions spanning both classic or contemporary genres, or can be used to inspire your own sound design journey with this extremely intuitive & beautiful instrument. The Holos Expansion Pack is compatible with both the 5 & 10 voice version of the Rev 4



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