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Welcome to the new Lowgritt Music Website!!

This site was a fairly big undertaking for me as I had never attempted to build a site on my own before. It was a huge learning process, & in the end I feel it’s been successful. Having the independence to communicate directly with fans, clients, & friends has been  a long time vision that I’m only just now actualizing.  This site was the first step in a series of goals I have planned for this year. We have been creating some super exciting projects that we plan to release during 2017. One of our records we’re working on is a collection of heavy, analog monsters in the vein of old Aphex Twin and Noisia. I expect this to be three to six songs in length but it will dictate when its done on its own terms.  The second project which is likely to be finished in the coming months, is a collaborative EP with my friend & supremely talented songwriting partner Kat Factor. We’re four songs into the production now and I can tell you straight up that it’s some of my favorite material to date.

2016 Was one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. Our son Oliver Cooper is now 6 months old. I’m just beginning to grasp just what it means to be a father. Productivity has changed. Dated Workflows have become obsolete. Music is and will always be the main vehicle that steers my life, though there is a new pressure moving forward. There is now the concept of the future to consider. As I learn to balance my family and professional life, there is one constant. Time. Time is fleeting. The Horizon may seem a far way off but as we push ahead from our present position it’s easy to become distracted by all the shiny objects in our path. All the while, time is marching away on it’s own terms regardless of our want or needs. To stay on top of my goals in this industry (or any for that matter) the only course of action that I see is to make peace with time & my your best to keep up.

Check out our Discography section of the site to stream any of our releases! In the Recording Services section you can find out more about our affordable production services.


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