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New Beatniks (feat. Kat Factor) – EVeryman

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Release Date: March 25, 2017
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Album Review

The Huffington Post: EVeryman’s New Album ‘Good Deeds’ is Poignant and Uplifting

"Shafran enlisted the help of various friends and artists within the underground festival community to complete Good Deeds; Artists such as executive producer Logan “Lowgritt” Gritton, vocalist Kat Factor, beatbox extraordinaire Honeycomb, rapper Kosha Dillz and producer Henry Pope were among the musicians featured. “It’s all about working together,” Shafran imparts as he describes the necessity of teamwork and support. “No one does it on their own and if they say they did, they’re full of shit.”

The tracks on Good Deeds range from funky party anthems like “People in the Front” to ballads of a generation like “New Beatniks.” Shafran’s aptitude for delighting the mind with flowetry and possessing the body with infectious beats makes this album exceptional; It’s music you can dance, skip, heal and think to. As festival season begins, these songs will be graciously welcomed by many dusty dance floors."

Read Full Review: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/everymans-new-album-good-deeds-is-poignant-and-uplifting_us_58e42565e4b02ef7e0e6e1cc
- Morena Duwe - The Huffington Post